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Fashion and makeup are two industries that go hand in hand. They complement each other with the final result of providing women with a beautiful and unique look. Every season brings a new fashion and makeup trends with it. However, some fashion styles are not influenced by any makeup trend. They have been present on the beauty scene for a long time, and so far, they have become more advanced. Staying away from the changing fashion trends, “Lolita” exists to provide you with unusual and rare fashion that will fit into any costume party or event that you attend.

“Lolita” and her clothing garments are inspired by the porcelain dolls of the Victorian era. Keeping that idea in mind, all of the costumes are designed to include the well-known style and color choices that come from that era. When buying some of these costumes and nailing the perfect look, it is important to know what type of makeup to do. ”Lolita” offers a wide range of costumes that include different styles and garments, so it is important the makeup be matched with the clothing.

To provide you with the best experience of buying and properly styling “Lolita” products, we have compelled a list of three garments with suitable makeup suggestions.

  1. Long Sleeves Cotton Gothic Lady Lolita Dress

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This dress falls under the category of the gothic style. The combination of cotton and lace makes it very comfortable for wearing. The kimono style of the top goes perfectly with the floral Asian print. The base is black, while the print comes in white, light yellow and pastel green. It presents a toned down style and lets the shiny black to dominate. Wearing this dress requires the makeup to be true to the original makeup that was worn by the Asian girls. For starters, use a light foundation. The Asian girls are known for their fair and clean skin tone, so the lighter the foundation, the better the look will be. Next, come the brows. They should be thin and only accented with a black brow definer. The eye makeup that will suit this kimono dress is limited only to the eyeliner. Use black eyeliner to accent your eyes. It can be a subtle cat eye or just a thin line on the lower lid. The cheeks should be reddish, accented with a round application of the red blush. For the lips, go with a red or coral lipstick.

2.       Elegant Shawl Hooded Trumpet Sleeve Lolita Woolen Coat
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This woolen coat comes in black color and is part of the Classic Lolita style. The idea of wearing this coat is during an event, where the coat will be the main outfit. It is not supposed to be taken off so all the additional accessories will make it even more presentable. Since it will dominate and define the look, the makeup should be subtle and neutral. The foundation can fit your skin tone or not – that depends entirely on you. The brows should be left in their natural shape, without styling them. The eye best makeup that will go wonderfully with this coat are the natural earth shades. The nudes are browns can come in soft Smokey eye version, without the addition of shine. The colors should be light, not highly pigmented and even invisible. One coat of mascara is totally fine and the natural look should be maintained. The cheeks can get some peachy blush, but it should be very neutral. As for the lips, the best choice is nude lips. Those who want to add some shine can put on a transparent lip-gloss. 



3.       Victorian Stand Collar Long Sleeve Gothic Lolita Prom Long Dress
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If you are attending a Victorian-themed prom, then flaunting a total gothic look is unavoidable. From the gothic dress to gothic makeup, you will nail the appearance and look like you have stepped out of a time machine. This dress is huge, voluminous and the real representation piece of how the elegant Victorian dresses used to look. The color combination of maroon and black is not very fashionable today, but it certainly was then when everything was about a deep and vampire look. This requires bold makeup. Start with a light foundation to present the original look of women back in the day. The brows can be bold, styled with a black brow definer, but not too overdrawn. The eyes and the lips will hold the central position of the makeup. Since the outfit is bold and intense, so should be the makeup. Choose an eye shadow in dark red or maroon. It should look stained, not very well blended, and applied with fingers without using any particular technique. Apply the same eye shadow on the lower lid too. It will make the eyes and their look more vampire and deep.  The black eyeliner will define the eyes even more. Make the upper lid line a bit thicker than the lower one. The line on the lower lid should start somewhere in the middle and move towards the outer corner of the eye. End it with a short curvy line towards the temple. When you are done with the eyes, leave the cheeks as they are and move to the lips. For a stronger effect, choose a lipstick that is matte and dark. It can be maroon, wine or dark berries. Apply it neatly. The final makeup look in the mirror should be colorful and extremely sharp. 



If you follow our suggestion regarding each of these costumes, you will mimic the exact makeup look that women in that particular time have worn. However, as these are only our suggestions, it is always up to you if you want to do something different. The makeup and fashion industry today allow mixing the vintage with the modern so just go ahead and create the look you like.




Post Author: Paula Dowlasz

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